Newly created words

Saw these in Reader’s Digest October issue which were excerpted from “That should be a word” by Lizzie Skurnick:

Bangst – noun; stress over diminishing funds. Example: He read hte ATM printout carefully, filled with bangst.

Fidgital – adjective; excessively checking one’s smartphone.

Flabsolution – noun; pardoning yourself for weight gain.

Palbatross – noun; A friend you’d like to drop.

Tyrunt – noun; child who bosses… Continue reading

For the record

Let it be publicly stated that the line: Friends with FOCM Benefits was first uttered by Charles “Chuck” Gettis at a conference.

Laughter is the good for our health

Going through some things and found these funny things in several Reader’s Digests:

  • When people tell me “you’re going to regret that in the morning,” I sleep until noon, because I’m a problem solver.
  • A woman was lying in bed one night when she felt her husband’s hand caressing her neck in a way she hadn’t experienced in quite a while.  The hand then slid… Continue reading

History does teach us

At the recommendation of Jack Minster (or maybe he actually ordered it for me), I read a book called Jerusalem by Simon Sebag Montefiore.  What an amazing history that town has seen.  The book covers the history of the town from roughly 2000 BC to current day.  I highly recommend it for any person who likes World history.

One thing stood out to… Continue reading

FOCM World of Beer Networking Event

I am determined to catch up with my backlog of posts and pictures.  It was March 15, 2016 at World of Beer in Cary, NC where a FOCM Networking Event was held.  It was the night before Arena International’s Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Southeast meeting.

Quite a good turnout and FOCM membership cards were given out to deserving members.  Attendees included: Chad Pollio,… Continue reading

Political Correctness Madness

it hit me today while talking to members of my family – just how crazily hypersensitive the world, or at least America is becoming over potential slights masquerading as extreme assaults.

While reviewing some to-do lists with my family, I said, “well thank goodness I’m here serving as task master – OOPS!! – I don’t think the word ‘master’ can be used any more because… Continue reading

Media and Mueller

So blatant, it’s almost comical.  Maybe I am wrong but isn’t the biggest part of the story the indictment of Manafort – severity of the crimes, his name recognition, etc.  However CNN chose to open with an unheard of guy who plead guilty to lying to the FBI.  They finally get to Manafort in paragraph 3 starting with “in addition”.

Below are the… Continue reading

A tribute to our Mom

Our mom, Marilyn, the mother of four children: Betsy, Jenny, Chris and Jon passed away on October 11, 2017.  She was 89 years old.  She died 10 years and 4 days after our dad, Charles.

I remember a friend of mine, David Holt saying he and his brothers were now orphans after the second of his parents had passed away.  Adults are not… Continue reading

FOCM attends Site Solution Summit

I will be attending Site Solution Summit in Boca Raton, October 6 – 8, 2017.   I am appreciative of being asked to faciliate one of the breakout sessions on Saturday.   More than likely I’ll organize a happy hour for October 7.

Site Solution Summit 2017

Site Solution Summit Break out Session


Assist a FOCM member

Cara Cartee (joined FOCM in 2017 in Raleigh) of CMC Events, LLC is gathering information on business travel through the use of the survey at the link below.  Let’s help her get a good response.  If you do any business travel, click on the link and complete the survey.

TribeSpring Travel Survey

Thank you in advance.

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