What is networking? defines the noun as: a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest 
and the verb as: to cultivate people who can be helpful to one professionally, especially in finding employment or moving to a higher position.

I take it a step further by merging the two definitions in the forming of FOCM Networking. This is a site (system) for sharing information and services among individuals who have a diverse range of interests for the purpose of helping each other more than just professionally, but also socially and financially.

FOCM at Global Clinical Supplies Conference

The month was April, the year 2016, the event: the #1 clinical research industry’s clinical supplies conference – Global Clinical Supply Group.  Several important events happened with photographic evidence to support it.

It was my honor to give a FOCM membership card to one of my favorite co-workers of all-time, Roxann Pinguelo.  Is she thrilled or what?

Roxann Pinguelo

FOCM also welcomed Ryan Jarvis… Continue reading

Historic FOCM Card Ceremony

This FOCM card-membership ceremony was a very significant one for several reasons –

  1. It just happened on November 11, 2017 – making it very recent given my usual delay in posting such things
  2. It’s too important to delay until I catch up
  3. recipient and I probably first met when we were pre-schoolers and
  4. we spent our formative years in that oasis in the desert known as… Continue reading

FOCM Members at Wilmington NC Event

Here’s an interesting item about FOCM that I just realized comes from my having grown up in a small town in Arizona – if there’s a party in town – join it! You may call it crashing it, but in Yuma, AZ, if there was a wedding reception in town, regardless if you were invited, you went to it.  So in that vein, when I… Continue reading

FOCM Sticker Seen Downtown

So there I was on March 26, 2016 a few blocks from downtown Wilmington when I spotted FOCM member Gayle Grandinetti’s car proudly sporting the FOCM window decal!  Any member is eligible to get one at the reduced member rate of $5.00.  I’d like to say they make a great Christmas gift, but that’s a bit of a stretch.

FOCM Window Decal

FOCM World of Beer Networking Event

I am determined to catch up with my backlog of posts and pictures.  It was March 15, 2016 at World of Beer in Cary, NC where a FOCM Networking Event was held.  It was the night before Arena International’s Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Southeast meeting.

Quite a good turnout and FOCM membership cards were given out to deserving members.  Attendees included: Chad Pollio,… Continue reading

FOCM attends Site Solution Summit

I will be attending Site Solution Summit in Boca Raton, October 6 – 8, 2017.   I am appreciative of being asked to faciliate one of the breakout sessions on Saturday.   More than likely I’ll organize a happy hour for October 7.

Site Solution Summit 2017

Site Solution Summit Break out Session


Assist a FOCM member

Cara Cartee (joined FOCM in 2017 in Raleigh) of CMC Events, LLC is gathering information on business travel through the use of the survey at the link below.  Let’s help her get a good response.  If you do any business travel, click on the link and complete the survey.

TribeSpring Travel Survey

Thank you in advance.

FOCM Gathers at SCDM

On Monday morning, September 25, there was a definite buzz of excitement as FOCM members attending #SCDM2017 knew that there would be a networking event that very evening.  The location, chosen by FOCM Member with card number 0001, Brian Langin was Bob Marley – A Tribute to Freedom restaurant at Universal CityWalk in Orlando, FL.

Brian is not in the picture below, possibly due to… Continue reading

FOCM Networking Event in Boston

Crazy, I know, but rather than go back to 2016 and find pictures from a networking back then (which I commit to still doing to get caught up), I decided to go with a more recent event.

On July 27, while in Boston for the 2nd Ophthalmology Drug Development Summit sponsored by Hanson-Wade, a FOCM event was held at the Back Deck, 2 West St., Boston,… Continue reading

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