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Chuck Schumer Opposed to Illegal Immigration

Chuck Schumer on the record being opposed to illegal immigration.  He stated in 2009:

During a speech at the Immigration Law & Policy Conference at Georgetown Law, Schumer repeatedly argued that immigration reform should focus on encouraging legal immigration and should make clear that “illegal immigration is wrong.”

“The American people are fundamentally pro-legal immigration and anti-illegal immigration,” Schumer explained at the conference. “We will… Continue reading

Wait! What? Men and women are different?

The thought police are here.  Witness this article by John Stossel.

A rather crazy exchange he had with Gloria Steinem years ago:

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem said gender differences shouldn’t even be researched. She told me it’s “anti-American, crazy thinking.”

“Aren’t women, in general, better nurturers?” I asked.

“No,” answered Steinem. “Next question.”

At the time, fire departments had just dropped strength tests to help… Continue reading

Funny Political Cartoon

Saw this in the Wilmington Encore newspaper and it made me laugh.  It’s so true of either party – the blind followers of their party.  With the reports that 87% of media personnel self-identify as Democrat/liberal/progressive, it was rare, if at all, to have seen a cartoon like this about Obama despite the quantity of examples.  Such as: “if you like your doctor… Continue reading

Motivating Quotes

A few good quotes I recently read: The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them – make them. – George Bernard Shaw   A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. – Walter Gagehot   Each time you are honest and conduct… Continue reading

Early Economic Results of $15 per hour wage

Now that we’ve seen the hourly wage increases in Seattle and San Diego, there are indications that it’s negatively affecting job growth in the restaurant sector.  From an article in Forbes:

in San Diego:

Rather than inch upward from $10 per hour to $10.25 per hour in January 2016, as the rest of the state was doing, San Diego jumped its minimum wage to… Continue reading

John Stossel view on the EPA

Recently saw this opinion piece by John Stossel re: the EPA.  The part toward the bottom about the hassles one family had trying to build on their own property is ridiculous!

Regulation zealots and much of the media are furious because President Donald Trump canceled Barack Obama’s attempt to limit carbon dioxide emissions. But Trump did the right thing.

CO2 is what we exhale. It’s… Continue reading

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American system precludes a Hilter-type leader

Saw a longer version of this in an email from my brother and on a Facebook post.  Shortened it here:

The idea of comparing an American president to Hitler is just as absurd …from any angle, in any context. The American system ITSELF pretty much prevents “Hitlers” from showing up. And America ITSELF is anathema to what Hitler was trying to create. An American ANYTHING… Continue reading

Example of Irony

It was reported that in the early days of Trump’s run to be the Republican nominee that it was a publicity stunt to increase the Trump brand.  The thought was that he could get free publicity to help increase demand and interest in a new season of The Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice, even if he stayed in only for a month or two.  Now that he’s… Continue reading

Election Year Observations

My family has long subscribed to Readers Digest and I continue to get it.  Here are a few comments made in a recent issue that seem relevant during this unpredictable presidential election.

Americans over the age of 40 are the only citizens with even the dimmest adult memories of the presidency of George H. W. Bush …[so] close to 100 million eligible voters have no… Continue reading