December 17, 2013 Networking Meeting Minutes

The FOCM RTP, NC Chapter met on December 17 at the Carolina Ale House in Brier Creek.

First to arrive was Eric Rivera, a member of FOCM long before FOCM was invented.  Others in attendance were:  Sherran Brewer, Tom McPhatter, Mike Burrows, Cindy Trowbridge, Heidi Johnston, Nick Macaulay and Renee Brown.

One of the good things about these events is the attendees change such that people get to meet others that have not previously met or as in the case of this event, friends from longer ago got a chance to catch up and reconnect.

Cindy and Heidi received their membership cards in the traditional and solemn ceremony some of you have been witness to.  I still get a little choked up every time.

Heidi is looking for Clinical Project Manager or Clinical Data Project Management positions in the RTP area.  Contact me through the “contact” page if you are aware of any such opportunities and I’ll get you in touch with Heidi.

2 thoughts on “December 17, 2013 Networking Meeting Minutes”

  1. sorry I couldn’t make it. BUT you must give me advance notice if Boos is going to be in town! Or Ms. Brenda!!!

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