Everyone has a double

I am attending the American Academy of Ophthalmology annual convention on behalf of my new employer Lexitas Pharma Services.  After about 15 years of attending conferences and actively networking at conferences on clinical data and clinical supply management, it felt a little strange to not see anyone that I know.

What did happen was that I realized saying that everyone has a doppelganger (double) somewhere in the world has merit.  I saw so many people that either strongly resembled or just reminded me of people that I know.

As I sat in the lobby of the convention center waiting for a meeting, i watched people and started writing down who these people reminded me of.  To those listed below, I think you should know you have a double out there.

Kevin Clover, Greg Cohee, Michael Smyth, Inci Porter, Mark Allen, Steve Raymond, Scott Freedman, Ali Hussein, Neil Hebenton, Sue Craft, Kim Boericke, Paul Mason and Daneil Dixon.

It’s been remarkable to have this experience.

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