FOCM Chairman on YouTube – Networking

So I’m facilitating a workshop on Networking at the DIA annual convention in Washington, D.C. on June 16.  The DIA is an organization dedicated to supporting the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device clinical research industries.  This year, they gave the speakers the opportunity to record video to promote the sessions.

I gotta say, this is not the best video performance – you can see me reading my cue cards and close to a monotone delivery – but hey, it’s a first.  Click in the playlist below and Networking is the last of the videos.  I tried to post directly to it, but I can’t figure that out.


8 thoughts on “FOCM Chairman on YouTube – Networking”

  1. Couldn’t someone hold your cue cards for you? I would have if I was there! Great job, peeks a lot!

  2. You were a ton better than some of the other ones, my friend! Next year you can do it up with a whole video production!

  3. You were a ton better than some of the other ones, my friend. Next year you can do a whole production!

  4. Your diction is surprisingly good. I have never seen you go so long without at least chuckling.

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