FOCM Meeting Minutes January 9, 2014

In a rather rare moment of thinking ahead, I gave more than 24 hours’ notice for the January 9 FOCM Northern Philadelphia Suburbs Chapter Networking meeting.  Under the influence of a member from the Northern suburbs, the meeting was held at Via Marconi Sports Bar in Hatfield, PA.  (this part belongs on the humor section but I can’t stop myself from telling it here: Debbie McCoy was invited but unable to attend – do you know why?  Because Hatfield, PA doesn’t allow any McCoy’s into their town – get it? Hatfields and McCoys – okay, so maybe it doesn’t belong on the humor section either)

First to arrive was Jim Ashby, that’s two firsts in a row for Jim – a current FOCM record.  We were joined by Nadine Maag and Brian Connor.  As a result, Brian has added to more contacts into his network and Jim and Nadine have each added Brian to theirs.  It’s really not all that far from Malvern to Hatfield.

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