FOCM Meeting Minutes November 21 2013

The Philadelphia Metro area chapter of FOCM met on Thursday night, November 21 at Champps on 330 Goddard Blvd in King of Prussia, PA.

Good attendance was seen, probably due to me giving more notice than I typically do.  Some day I may learn this lesson but then again, probably not.  Good representation from my new co-workers, the Y-Primers.  Many new members were received in the traditional and solemn card presentation ceremony that you are all familiar with.

First to arrive was Lynn Fehnel (pre-paid her 2014 membership dues), close on her heels were Ryan Gibson (received card) and Mitch Drucker (received card).

Over the next hour or so the following members or soon to be members arrived:

Erica Hill

Matt Cocking (received card)

Ashley Cocking (received card)

Karen McPoyle

Russ Brierley (received card night before)

Shari Brierley (received card)

Vicky Martin (pre-paid her 2014 membership dues)

Shannon McDonnell

David Gibboni

Susan Ruane (showing her dedication by coming straight to the event from the gym)

Dean Stoios (received card)

Last minute “sorry, unable to make it”s were: Nadine Maag and April Bechta

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