FOCM Pub Crawl Meeting Minutes

On February 22, 2014; the twice annual Wilmington Beer and Wine Walk ( took place. Rather than go on that exact plan, we created our own. Some of the places were the same and some were new places we wanted to check out. A few pictures are shown below. Many people received their FOCM Card that night.

We started at the Blind Elephant and were joined there by Don and Carol Lewis, Chris Diehl, Polly Decker, Brian Frankel, Gayle Grandinetti, May Singh, Sheryl Browne, Angie Lee and Mike Berry. Surprise, surprise, but we ran into Trish Murray and her sister, Marlise and several of their friends who were doing the Wilmington Wine and Beer Walk. Trish is a member of the FOCM RTP chapter. We were later joined by Mike Byrd at Costello Piano Bar and he joined the group for dinner at 9 Bakery and Lounge. Mike received a handwritten FOCM membership card, written on a napkin or a scrap of paper, but he cherishes it just the same. When his probationary period is over, you can rest assured that he will get a true membership card. It was at this point that we began to lose a couple people at each stop, but there remained a core group who pushed on to The Duck and Dive, The Pour House and ended up at Cape Fear Wine and Beer. What’s interesting about Cape Fear Wine and Beer is they serve no beer that you see advertised on TV. All small brewery product from around the country.

FOCM Pub Crawl_a

FOCM Pub Crawl_b

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  1. Hi Chris. It’s Marlise. Trish recommended I join FOCM. Is this an option? Happy Spring! Marlise

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