FOCM Remembers Peter Holthe

Today my friend Peter Holthe would have been 56 years old.  If you have ever read the “About FOCM” section, you’ll know how instrumental Peter was in this fun hobby of mine called FOCM Networking.  It was Peter’s idea – the name, the logo and what it could be and do.

One of the things Peter loved to do was to play practical jokes on people, especially people who he felt were too uptight or pretentious.  I wish I could remember some of the things he would do at his office.  Actually I think we wrote some of them up and I will find them and post them.

He would have loved this picture of some friends and I documenting our support of the 1st and 2nd amendments to the US Constitution, as well as the repeal of Prohibition.


FOCM Celebrates 1st & 2nd Amendment Rights
FOCM Celebrates 1st & 2nd Amendment Rights






2 thoughts on “FOCM Remembers Peter Holthe”

  1. So nice to think of Peter and remember him on his birthday. Thanks Chris. I know he would have been proud of all you’ve done with FOCM. <3

  2. In the short email relationship I had with Peter, I got the sense of him as a fun loving, easy going guy that nevertheless held onto his principles which included acceptance of others and their point of view as long as they were not being too uptight, as Chris mentioned. I thought he was much older for all the wisdom he displayed in his writings. He is definitely missed in FOCM.

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