Peter Holthe

Today marks the day that 55 years ago Peter Holthe was born.  Peter and I first met in/around 1998 while working at Quintiles.  We traveled the country talking about and demo’ing web-based electronic data capture systems for use in clinical trials.  As many of you know, FOCM has come to exist because of Peter.  The name, the pronunciation and the logo were his idea.

Words that come to mind to describe Peter: larger than life, bon vivant, gourmand, wickedly funny, witty, sharp as a stick, passionate.

The phrase “larger than life” – I’m not sure I knew what that meant until I got to know Peter.  For me, it means, the way he made life fuller, brighter, bigger and more fun.  His exuberant passion about golf, wine, food, plants, fishing, hunting and dogs (in other words – life and living it to the fullest) would exhaust normal people.  But when you were around him, you were energized by his enthusiasm.  Pranks and practical jokes were so well thought out in the blink of an eye.  After we no longer worked together, most of our contact was by phone.  He would make my day by adding laughter and insightful observations.   Peter lived a very full 50 years.  I miss him.

Happy Birthday my friend.


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