The Power of Networking…continued

Submitted by FOCM Member Diana Sifford

Here’s a good story on the “power” of our network. This guy called me out of the blue, said that a mutual friend recommended me. He was targeting a Marketing Director position at the company where I worked and had already talked to 5 people who worked there, but nobody could really help. I was kind of at a low point in my own career, so decided that I should meet with him (thinking that helping somebody else could only make me feel better). I met with him at Starbucks and thought he could do the job. So, I told him that he was in luck as my office was only 5 doors down from the hiring VP (who also happened to be a former colleague & friend). Since the company has 40,000 employees nationwide and 7 different divisions just in my location, you can imagine what a big deal it was for him to find somebody who could really help get him connected to the right people. Long story short, I forwarded his resume and he got an interview with the VP. Came down to the wire and unfortunately he didn’t get it. But he was in the Top 2 and without my introduction, he wouldn’t have even got an interview. On the flip side, I was in the final interview stage for a new position, and he sent me examples of 30/60/90 day plans to help, since I had been asked to prepare one in advance of the meeting. His examples were a great help, and even though I didn’t get the job I thought the plan presented well. Plus I’ve made a great network friend!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I agree that it’s relationships that make the job connections, not always filling out a number of online applications. Everyone needs a leg up sometimes, and it’s great to hear that there are plenty of people (especially in the FOCM group) willing to do so for their neighbor, often never even knowing that particular person. Again, well done, and thanks for taking the time to send it out to your fellow “FOCMites,” Diana!

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