You can (and should) network everywhere

Here is an example of not missing any opportunity or place to network. This event occurred at a Sunday church service and was initiated by the mother of a recent college graduate. You never know who you might meet at an event and whether or not they know of someone who is hiring for just the skill set or education that you or a friend of yours might have.

Submitted by a FOCM member

Her son graduated from Penn State with a degree in Civil Engineering. At Sunday church service the following week, during the “joys and concerns” portion of the service, this proud mother stood up and said: “Our joy is that our son graduated from PSU. Our concern is that he needs a job so if anyone knows of any company that needs a civil engineer, please see me after church.”
After church a woman came up to the mother and said “I am a professor of Civil Engineering at Villanova and I recently received an email from a guy with whom I had done a project. He asked if I had any December grads and I did not. I will let you know if he still is looking.”
A week later the mother received an email from the Professor forwarded from the hiring company. The mother forwarded it to her son and within 2 days he had a phone interview. The company does not use Monster or any of those internet job sites. They only hire from referrals. Three phone interviews, two face-to-face interviews, and 4 weeks post-graduation this young man got a job.

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