Ahmed’s Clock

The picture below is of a clock manufactured by a 14 year old Muslim male, named Ahmed Mohamed.  Regardless of his skin color, name and religion the school’s administration had every rational reason to be concerned.  I like how quick people were to attribute it to prejudice, Islamophobia, etc.  Remember Columbine, those guys brought propane bombs to their high school.

On another note – has no one in the Obama Administration watched Homeland or American Sniper??  By inviting the kid to the White House and to Facebook headquarters is just what Carrie Mathison has been worried about.  Now the kid will be on the inside of security just like Nicholas Brody.  Al- Qaeda or Isis merely switches out his clock for an explosive device.  I hope to hell they sweep that case.  Okay, I’m just playing the paranoid conspiracy theorist here to make a point. I don’t actually  believe that’s what this is.

Come on people, if you take a device that looks like this to school, you should expect to be questioned.  Add to that  – if you’re Muslim and your name is Ahmed Mohamed that will not surprisingly make other alarms go off in peoples’ heads. It’s unfortunate, but as long as Islamic extremists continue killing non-Muslims, this is the level of concern we have to live with .

Ahmed's Clock
Ahmed’s Clock

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