COVID-19 Day 10

My day 10 observation of the number of new cases and the groundswell of support for the male identifying members of our society to cease shaving their facial hair until we have two consecutive days of a decline in the number of new cases of the corona virus in the US.

Several good signs in the data, many EU countries have recorded a one day drop from their peak of new cases and two countries have had a two day drop, suggesting that globally we may have hit the peak.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Day 10”

  1. I’m afraid I need to take exception to your correlation of a one-day drop with plateauing of the virus. Here in the US we also experienced a one day drop (5,588 new cases reported Mar-20, 4,825 cases reported Mar-21) yet that did not bode a letup at all of our perfect exponential progression (1,000 cases to 10,000 in 8 days, 10,000 cases to 100,000 in 8 more days.) The standard deviation of the US growth over the past 20 days is 6,717 which is HUUUUUUGE, predicting wild fluctuations in growth day to day. Even two consecutive days with lower growth does not predict much.

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