Democrat Party and Abortion

So I was watching the Democratic candidates on the Fox News town hall and I have to say I was shocked at both Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton’s stance on abortion.  I’m also shocked that there appears to be no one else upset about it – at least judging by media coverage and the lack of a response.  Both Bernie and Hillary – seemed to say or support no limits on abortion, “it’s a woman’s body and therefore her right to choose.  I interpreted this as them supporting a woman’s right to have an abortion up to the day before delivery.  I assumed that they’d mention or support at least no abortion after viability or after 30 weeks or something.

Democrats would probably say that isn’t what they were saying, they’re merely supporting abortion as it is now, legal based on Roe v Wade with whatever those restrictions and qualifiers are.  I thought they left that vague.

On the note of healthcare, a member of FOCM Political group postulated this: When Bernie was asked about why he felt that health care is a right, he replied with something like – because we are human beings.  Which begs the question:  when does he believe we become human beings?  Apparently that happens at birth.  Until then, there’s only one form of Democrat healthcare available for a pre-born infant and that is ABORTED!

It’s always been an interestingly inconsistent position of Democrats and Republicans:

Democrats: pro-abortion and against the death penalty (in favor of death for unborn babies and leniency for murderers – zero tolerance for putting to death the wrong person)

Republicans: pro-life and in favor of the death penalty (in favor of life saving for unborn babies and death for murderers – accepting that despite best efforts of cops, lawyers and judges some people wrongly convicted may be put to death)

Why can’t we agree to end the death penalty and have mandatory sentences: first degree murder – life imprisonment with absolutely no chance of parole or life imprisonment for 100 years?
And then we should be able to agree that since babies born at 26 weeks have a survival rate of 75% – 85% that abortions cannot occur after that point unless the life of the mother is at risk.

Not having ever been a woman and thusly not able to be pregnant, is it unreasonable to think a woman can make up her mind (choose) within 25 weeks if she wants to have a baby or not?








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