Flag Controversy

Let me see if I have this right:

I understand that a state should not have any flag other than the US and State Flags flying over state government property.

Also, it’s freedom of expression (a right protected by the Constitution) to stomp on the American Flag, so shouldn’t it also be freedom of expression for an individual to fly or demonstrate a Confederate Flag?  I’m shocked that ebay, Amazon and Valley Forge Flag Co are no longer selling them.

I was born in the North and was glad the North won and slavery was ended.  I have read a ton of Civil War history and the war was also a challenge for the independence of states to govern themselves.  None of us can profess to know or say with definition that anyone who has a Confederate Flag is a racist.  Since this controversy came about I’ve seen people espouse that to many Southerners its part of their heritage and something they identify with, that it was rebellion against the Northern aggressors.

And while I’m stream of consciousness writing, how did this Confederate flag thing become so suddenly important?  The thug who shot those good Christian souls was wearing a flag from the former apartheid government of South Africa.  Did I miss something?  Did they find Confederate flags at his house?

I just google shop searched for confederate flag and it said, my search showed no results.  What the hell?  Not to worry – Yahoo.com searches aren’t censoring.

And can’t you just see those Americans who say: if America would just be nicer to radical Islamist terrorists, they wouldn’t want to kill us – next they’ll say, we need to change the American Flag.  The American Flag incites angry feelings among those who took down the World Trade Center and fought us in Iraq and Afghanistan and killed our men in Benghazi.  The American Flag is that of an oppressive territorial super-power and that’s not fair.  It’s not fair that over 100,000 American soldiers lost their lives saving Europe from tyranny, either.

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  1. My thanks to FOCM Tucson Chapter President Art Coppola for providing photographic evidence that Dylan Roof had a photograph of himself holding the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, commonly recognized as the Confederate Flag. That helps me to understand the issue.
    I understand the removal of the flag from State government property, I do not understand the move by ebay, Amazon, WalMart, Sears, etc to stop selling them. It feels like mind-control and censorship. For those looking to buy such a flag, the online company Tan’s Club does have them for sale. It’s a part of our history. Stopping the sale of such an item isn’t going to stop people from having racist ideas.
    The idea of changing the names of Fort Bragg, etc is ridiculous, as is the removal of statues of Robert E Lee, Jefferson Davis, etc. These people are part of our history.

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