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Within FOCM Networking are several sub-groups, one of which is the political group.  These “discussions” take place via email and occasionally we have them at this website but we put a password on the discussion group so all can feel free to state their opinion in private.  So to give you an idea of what the FOCM political email discussions can look like, here’s a recent exchange, with all names removed:

FOCM Political Member A

All this would all be so much funnier if it wasn’t so serious!  He is the biggest moron.  All smoke and mirrors as far as his “success” and the biggest liar in the public eye.  He makes the others look like Honest Abe!  And all his supporters are proof of the complete failure of the American educational system!

Hillary 2016!

FOCM Political Member D:

Good Lord, no to Hillary – she’ll hurt the drug companies which will hurt my livelihood and that’s the only thing you should be concerned about – me!  Although I actually have no idea what Trump will do.

What worries me about Hillary is what America would look like in 4 years (if she has a Democratic Congress) –
Long lines at men’s rooms due to a shortage of them – having to convert some to Men who are transitioning to Women; Women who are transitioning to Men, Now Men were Women, Now Women were Men (what about the international symbols for such bathrooms – oy vey!)
Availability of abortions for up to the day before birth
Holding down pharma company profits – breaking one of America’s best industries; stifling innovation
The same access to healthcare for everyone (lowering the quality and increasing the price)
Socialized Medicine (see above – lower quality, longer wait times)
Taxing caucausians to pay remunerations to descendants of slaves and Native Americans
Only Liberal free speech allowed

FOCM Political Member B

A Hillary supporter questioning anyone’s educational level makes me chuckle (and throw up in my mouth a little). Honestly, the woman could strangle a kitten on live tv and her supporters would still vote for her and claim she had nothing to do with it.

I honestly don’t get what is to admire. Her hunger for power at all costs? I don’t see her at all as a woman who has forged her own way. I see her as opportunistic at best. As a woman, working mother, wife and veteran, she stands for nothing I hold in esteem. I can abide a buffoon far more easily than an intentional manipulator who seems to have a compulsion for lying.

FOCM Political Member A

Love Kasich.  I blame the slimy media that more people don’t know why he’s the best candidate.  All they care about is hype and Trump is a media darling.  It’s a shame since he is the only qualified Republican.

FOCM Political Member B

But the resounding rationale I hear for supporting her and calling those with differing opinions uneducated is simply that she isn’t as bad as the other guy……followed by dismissive laughter.

Don’t expect any clear reasons beyond that she isn’t Trump. If Trump is no longer in the picture I, like so many others, will be waiting with bated breath to hear about all of her astounding leadership and fight for the common man or woman (with whom she has zero in common).

Trump might not be presidential in demeanor,  but you’re right on one thing….he’s showing up the racket for what it is. So is Sanders. Neither of them would have any traction if not for Hillary. Kasich is taking the higher ground in many respects. Cruz has his fair argument to make.

FOCM Political Member A

No one lies more than Trump.  And I don’t vote for buffoons.

Hillary 2016!

FOCM Political Member B

No one leaves more ambassadors to die and makes up fake cover stories than Hiilary.

Hillary for prison 2016!

FOCM Political Member A

Trump is a criminal, a narcissist, misogynist, racist, pathological liar, has no plan AT ALL and no idea how to run a country.  He’s a complete joke.

Trump for prison 2016!

Hillary for president 2016!

FOCM Political Member C

John Kasich is the one to vote for.

The one good thing Trump has done is release this country from the shackles of PC speech.  We are once again free to say what we believe!  However he is not presidential material and neither is Hillary.

Why she believes she has the moral authority to demand lower CEO pay when as a multi-millionaire she demands more for a ONE hour speech than the average US CEO makes in a year.  Her rationale for charging this much was that she was just doing what previous secretaries of state had done.  Given her wealth I see that as nothing more than pure greed on her part.  Every day I struggle to understand how she can be worth $30+ million and have only left her secretary of state job 3 years ago…. that’s about $10 million per year…sounds like CEO pay to me.  Please, someone, anyone, help me understand what economic added value enterprise she was running for the last three years that justifies that kind of income.

I’d love to read her Wallstreet speech transcripts. Even the Huffington Post thinks she is afraid to release them. But, as with anything else her supporters don’t like, heads go into the sand and fingers get pointed at others to somehow justify it all.

FOCM Political Member B

Hopefully, someone will reply to your question with a logical justification, but I doubt it. A vote for Hillary is a vote for the status quo.





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