Hillary Clinton for President?

So the Clinton Foundation is now accepting donations from foreign countries.  They had stopped doing so while she was Secretary of State.  And look who has already donated – the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman.  Those countries have such horrible records on human rights – they still allow stoning to death of women accused of adultery or people accused of being gay.

Another thing – Hillary has been amazingly quiet and in hiding to avoid commenting on the Islamic terror threat.  She apparently is locked away “working on her messaging” for her run for Presidency.  WAIT!?! WHAT?!?  Does she not have an opinion, a stance on the beheading, burning and shooting of innocent people?!?  She has to “work on her message”!

Okay, just one more thing – so is it just me or does anyone else see a little help from Hollywood for Hillary’s potential run for President.  Two TV series: Madame Secretary featuring a strong-willed, blond woman as Secretary of State and State of Affairs featuring a strong-willed, blond woman advising a woman President.

Really, just one more thing – and Hollywood trying to help Rahm Emanuel and the city of Chicago out by having 2 TV series: Chicago Fire and Chicago PD to show Chicago public service doing good work.  How about fixing the city and reducing the murder rate rather than having a glitzy TV show to cover up that the city is broken?

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