Stephanopoulos must go

Can there be any doubt that George Stephanopoulos has to leave his position as chief anchor and chief political correspondent at ABC news?  Rhetorical question, right?  But I’ll answer it anyway.  He has got to go.  He clearly cannot be an impartial reporter of political news.

Not that he was all that discreet about his partiality.  Back when he was a co-moderator of a debate among Republican presidential candidates, he repeatedly asked Romney (like 5 repeats of his questions to force an answer out of him) on contraception and Romney’s response was used by the Obama campaign to suggest Republicans had a war on women.

The Clintons are getting rich peddling influence.  George got himself in hot water with the Clintons when he spoke out against Bill Clinton’s behavior in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  So then he donates money to their Foundation in order to win favor in case Hillary wins the presidency.

All this has me shaking my head.  I know all politicians craft their messages to be palatable to a broad group of people, but who can tell what Hillary Clinton stands for?  She’s lied repeatedly – “i only have one email account” except she didn’t; she didn’t follow the regulations about keeping all work related emails, she intimidated women who Bill raped to keep them quiet.  It would make a helluva soap opera, except it’s all real.

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