Things you learn in an airport bar

So there I was – sitting in an airport bar – nothing unusual about that.  Having recently read Porter Gale’s book: Your Network Is Your Net Worth in which she mentions a future book she’s working on. That one will be titled something like: Conversations with the person in seat 4A.  In her travels, she made a point to talk to the person next to her and it has created interesting opportunities.

So, not shy about talking to people, I ask the guy next to me where he’s going and where he’s coming from.  Turns out he does sound and light production at concerts and has been doing so for 30+ years and was returning from a large multiple performer event.

Interesting insight into two performers: Lady Gaga and Drake.

Nothing but compliments for Lady Gaga, tireless rehearser, respectful and considerate to the crews.

Drake, on the other hand, a complete jackass – shows up late, demands big changes to things he’d insisted on prior to arriving, rude to the crews.

So keep this in mind when buying music.

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