Brainstorming Assignment – Name that Boat


So FOCM Member Gayle Grandinetti is friends with a couple, Rob and Audrey.  They bought a boat and need to name it.  So I suggested an FOCM brainstorming session to generate some name ideas they can choose from.  It doesn’t have to involve their names, but that’s where I started.

To start it off, here’s what I came up with while walking around downtown Wilmington this past Sunday:

Robrey (get it, putting together their names and getting Robrey, like robbery)
Liquid Robrey
Waterway Robrey
H2O Robrey
Aquaholic (not original, seen on a sailboat docked on Cape Fear River)

15 thoughts on “Brainstorming Assignment – Name that Boat”

    1. Two others submitted via Facebook:
      Eliana Rivera submitted: Size Matters
      Susan Christensen submitted: Robbery!

    1. submitted to me via email:

        from Jack Minster

      Retarded Monkey
      Fat Abs
      No Ambition
      Floating Delusion
      Drowning Risk
      Captain Bloat

        from Steve Jacobs

      The Wet Spot
      Get off this Boat
      Bobbing for Turds
      Use This One for Deep Sea Burials
      Check Out This Shaft

  1. How about that old standby, “Monkey Business?” You have to be old to remember Gary Hart and his friend Donna…

    1. Ah yes, Donna Rice and Gary Hart; Gary said to the media, “i’m not a womanizer, follow me around, you’ll see”

    2. submitted by FOCM member Vicky Martin:
      What are your friend’s interests? That will help.

      How about:
      For fun: Wet Dreams

      For meaning tied to water: Kelpie (if you’re like me, then you went and googled “kelpie” – i had no idea what it was)

      and from Steve Jacobs:
      for relaxation: Doobie

    1. Thanks Art.
      Submitted via LinkedIn:
      Wet Spot
      – Vicci Lefort
      Rub a dub dug
      – Cary Cornette

  2. I’ve got a few for giggles
    Happy Hour
    Sea U’Round
    Ski Daddle
    Lost at Sea
    Fast and Furious
    Down the Hatch
    Sea No Evil

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