Brainstorming Assignment

One of the uses for the FOCM Network is to help solve business issues, questions or needs through brainstorming and crowdsourcing.

A recent request came to see if an alternative name could be generated to the term “Business Development”.  In the clinical research world, “Business Development” is essentially: “Sales”.   In the pharmaceutical commercialization sector, “Business Development” involves: licensing, partnerships, alliances, acquisitions.

I am looking for your help in coming up with new terminology, something which has to do with these key words:






Please submit responses in the comment sections.

5 thoughts on “Brainstorming Assignment”

  1. here’s a few that have come up that may stimulate your brain:
    Client Partner
    Bridge Maker
    Sales Ninjas
    Relationship Manager
    Brand Management
    Customer Needs Assessor
    Client Facilitator
    Business Growth Specialist
    Solution Provider
    Relationship Manager.
    Ally Management
    Ally Development
    Ally Solutions
    Partner Management
    Business Breakthroughs
    Solution Provider
    Solution Finder
    Business Collaboration
    Business Involvement
    Customer Interaction
    Customer Contact
    Point of Contact
    Customer Involvement
    Business facilitator
    Business actuator
    Business management
    Business governance
    Customer experience
    Experience Advocate
    Customer Advocate
    Commercial Experience
    Commercial Operations
    Experience Management
    Experience Operations

  2. It is a true partnership so I think the word partner or partnership would be perfect to incorporate somehow, like Clinical Partner. If I had to choose from the list, I’d say Sales Ninja takes it. However, if you look up “partnership” in the online thesaurus, you get some interesting words which include cahoots, clique, gang, and even cartel and hookup. So now I’m thinking a Clinical Cartel Hookup would work. How could anyone argue with that?

  3. I like:

    Customer Engagement and Delivery
    Customer Delight Interface
    Client Collaboration and Partnership Director
    Business Partnership Expert
    Customer Joy creator and Enhancer

    Maybe I need to decrease my medication. 🙂

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