Is drinking at work a good idea?

An article at, refers to work done by Matthew Yglesias at Slate examining the question of whether people were more productive in the days of the three-martini lunch. Yglesias quotes a research paper from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Entitled “Uncorking the Muse,” the paper showed that subjects with a blood alcohol content of approximately .075 performed better on the Remote Associates Test, which measures creative problem solving.

Disclaimer: FOCM Networking does not condone the over imbibification of alcohol in the work environment. Someitmes however, itsh (oopsh) kinda fun to have a few (hiccup) drinks when stormbraining, I mean brainstorming. Just look at the possible headlines FOCM Members came up with for Anthony Weiner news headlines in the previous posts in the Humor section.

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