Funny friends

So, FOCM Member Bob Arnesen, now President at eClinical Solutions was quoted in a press release about their new data analytics/business intelligence tool called elluminate and I copied his quote:  “We have a unique perspective on industry needs to support clinical drug development,” and sent it to him and to our mutual friend Chris Dapolite with Oracle.  Chris is one funny hombre and he replies with this:

That’s my boy!!!!  Only a few of us have this unique perspective.  It comes from many years of unique experiences.  You all do realize that in such a boring industry with such boring people, we are obligated to perform duty’s that very few would ever dare……  We breath life into clinical research and drug development……  It is an important role we have and thus gives us a unique perspective.

The clinical research industry, like any other, I am sure, has some cleverly funny people.  Having fun while working is key to enjoying life.




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