Quotes out of context

Another set of quotes from a particularly great meeting for quotes taken out of context:

Sucked in the backdraft
– Elizabeth Thiele

Selling ice cubes to an eskimo.
– Elizabeth Thiele

Slow that mustang down.
– Elizabeth Thiele

We gather up our foo foo nuts.
– Elizabeth Thiele

I’m a corn cob from the Midwest.
– Elizabeth Thiele

If you hear something, say it.
– Elizabeth Thiele

People need to follow what they need to do.
– Elizabeth Thiele

– Fred Naids

It’s Jonathan.
– Jonathan Goldman

– Fred Naids

Ask Sherwood Williams.
– Unattributed

To go into places we’ve never been before.
– Deb Nichols, channeling Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise

Grabbing all these balls and moving forward with them.
– Adrian Pencak

Shrink wrap that.
– Elizabeth Thiele

Paul is from Buffalo, he doesn’t know what the Super Bowl is either.
– Provided by a contributing editor

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Background: This all started at a US Sales meeting and in order to stay focused on what was being said, I started writing down the business cliches, like “let’s circle the wagons”, “let’s table that”, “always be closing” and then count how many times they were said. As I began paying attention, I would hear a phrase that was appropriate for the context in which it was said, but wow, it sure was amusing to see the phrase just sitting there by itself. That lead me to put them into a slide show show so the phrase was seen in its purest form along with the person who said it.  As this practice became known, the slide set became the unofficial and humorous wrap-up presentation, kind of a summary of the things stated over the course of the meeting.

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