Quotes taken out of context continued

The next installment of quotes taken out of context during business meetings.  This one meeting was particularly rich in good material, so I will break it into 5 installments.

You just can’t stop Scott Nodolf.
– unidentified

Maybe strategic partnerships aren’t the way to go.
  – unidentified

Before I was married, I was happily single for 33 years.
Good video.
She looked like a deer in the headlights.
  – Pete Nieto

Holy toledo, that was good.
  – Deb Williams

I’d better not see any pants coming off.
   – Andrew Smith

Good thing we didn’t do this at happy hour.
  – Adrian Pencak

I’m picturing Stuart writhing.
For a while, it’s going to be a bit of a mess.
I’ve eaten into your lunch time.
I’m not saying I will take someone from a construction site and make them a PM.
 – Ali O’Neil

3 thoughts on “Quotes taken out of context continued”

    1. No, not all in one breath, but it was during her presentation about the org changes. I just decided to save space by not putting her name after each quote.

  1. Those are absolutely hysterical!!!! I read June 5th and 7th and those identified I can see actually picture saying….even maybe a few of those anonymous ones….

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