Quotes taken out of context

So one of the things I used to do at meetings was to listen for interesting phrases which when taken out of context would sound rather funny.  This all started when at a meeting probably 5 years ago, I started noticing a lot of the typical cliché business phrases and began to write them down as I heard them and then would make a tally mark next to how many times it was repeated.

So I have decided to put these in an ongoing series in this, the Humor section of the website.  I will be removing the name of the person who said the phrase, I may put their function/responsibility as long as it doesn’t give away the individual.  I’m sure some of you will recognize some of your own statements and those of others and I cannot stop you from commenting (actually I can) or guessing who said which.

The first one is a much more recent one, overheard at a conference while we exhibitors were packing up our booths.

“Nice box”

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