Joke: Smart little girl on a plane

submitted by FOCM member and former womb-mate of mine: Jon Matheus

An 11 year old girl, who was “pre-boarded” on an airplane because of her age, was sitting reading a book waiting for departure.

A man came down the aisle and found his seat next to the girl.

He said to her “I think we should have a conversation during the flight because they say the flight goes faster if you talk to fellow passengers”.

The little girl closed her book and looked at the the man and replied “We could do that, but what would we talk about”.

The man said “We can talk about God, heaven, hell and the hereafter because I am an atheist”.

The girl said “That would be very interesting, but first I have to ask you a question.  You do know that a deer, a horse and a cow all eat the same thing, grass”.

The man nodded his head in agreement.

The girl continued “Then can you explain to me why the deer poops those little “pellets”, the cow poops those big messy “pies”, and the horse poops the real big pieces?”  After some thought the man replied “No.  I can’t explain those differences.”

Then the little 11 year old girl picked up her book, opened it to her page and said “How do you profess to be able to discuss God, heaven, hell and the hereafter, when you don’t know shit”?

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