The Glamour of Business Travel

So I have signed up for just about every hotel chain frequent guest program. I usually try to stay with Marriott or Hilton hotels as they sseem to have the selection, hotel types and price ranges that best fits my travel. But that doesn’t always work out. So for this trip to Raleigh-Durham, I am staying at a Wingate by Wyndham. I do not recall them previously giving me a gift back upon checking in, oh but they sure did this trip. When I checked in I was welcomed and thanked for being a member of their frequent stay program and I was handed a sturdy paper bag. When I got to my room and opened it, I was greeted by an 8 oz. bottle of water and (are you ready?) a 1 oz bag of Frito Corn Chips! Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Fritos Corn Chips, but I’m trying to eat healthily. I save the Fritos Corn Chips for being on the boat, beach or at the lake with some Fritos Bean Dip (you Yumans out there will know what I’m talking about – love, love, love Fritos Corn Chips and Fritos Bean Dip and a cold beer).
The sun has come up, gotta get to work now.

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