FOCM Meeting Minutes November 12, 2013

The RTP, NC Chapter of FOCM met on November 12, 2013 at Serena’s Sicilian Gastropub in Durham.  This is a key networking site for the clinical research industry in RTP, NC.

At this meeting, the first to arrive was Pete Nieto and he came all the way from Pennsylvania!

The attendees were:

Pete Nieto

Jim Ashby (also all the way from Pennsylvania)

Jon Tenconi (also from out of state and given his accent, it could be said he came from another country)

John Ohrn (also from out of state)

Nick Macaulay

Renee Brown

The companies these people work for include: Pharm-Olam, PPD, Medidata, Aptiv and Cryoport.

Jon and John were first time attendees and received their FOCM membership cards in the traditional presentation.  Renee is certainly not a first time attendee, but I’d been neglectful in presenting her card, so she too received her card in the formal presentation.

2 thoughts on “FOCM Meeting Minutes November 12, 2013”

  1. A well written synopsis, Jon Tenconi may well be from another planet, not to mention country. I am from Boston, MA, which you accurately point out is out of state.

    It was a pleasure to meet other Healthcare minded peeps. Look forward to the next meeting. Do I need to show my card to get in?

    1. You do not have to show your card to get in.
      But that does give me an idea for a new FOCM rule. The first FOCM member to show their card to another (other than me) member is to receive one free drink from the member to whom the card was shown.

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