FOCM Networking Meeting Summary

The RTP, NC Chapter of FOCM met on November 13, 2013 at Trali Irish Pub’s new location in Morrisville, NC.

At this meeting, the first to arrive was the newly employed, Andrew Smith, wearing a tie and a fashionable sweater vest.

The attendees were:

Andrew Smith

Rosina Pavia

Jim Ashby

Nick Macaulay

Renee Brown

Gayle Grandinetti

Terri DeMartino

Natalie Flinchum

Jamey McCarty

Carrie Gallagher

Mike Burrows

Charles Macias

Sherran Brewer

Pete Nieto

Blake Williams

Kelly O’Brien

Jeff Hudak

Vince Hoefling

The companies these people work for include: Pharm-Olam, PPD, Patheon, Aptiv, Cryoport, Stratworks, Almac, Catalent, GSK, Lenovo, Ettain Group and ICON.

There were many first time attendees, it made the formal presentation all the more serious and emotional.  Terri DeMartino, Charles Macias, Natalie Flinchum, Jamey McCarty and Blake Williams received their cards.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the place, I mean, there wasn’t an empty glass to be found.  Much networking was accomplished.

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  1. Hello to Hudak and Vince and Kelly and Mike B and Gayle and Rosina!! Not sure that I have met any of the others!

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