FOCM Meeting Minutes December 10, 2013

The December 10 Philadelphia Metro Area FOCM Chapter meeting was held at the Tilted Kilt in King of Prussia, PA on a cold, snowy night.  There were several people who had responded that they would be coming, but later emailed to indicate that due to the weather they would no longer be attending.  A question was raised as to whether or not the meeting should be cancelled, but one of the rules* of FOCM is “never cancel”.

The FOCM members who attended are held in the highest of esteem for having battled the harsh winter weather to attend.  Their $20 membership fee is waived for 2014 and their commitment to the organization is unquestionable.  Attendees were: Shannon McDonnell and April Bechta.  Much was discussed and accomplished.

*FOCM Rules can and will be created and changed on an ongoing basis.

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