Another FOCM New Member Ceremony

It was a typically beautiful September day in Yuma, Arizona. The sun was shining, as it does 300 days of the year. (Side note: why in the world is Yuma, AZ not the the solar energy capital of the world?!?)

Captured in the photo below is Yuma’s own: Bill “Willie” Moody receiving his FOCM Membership card. Yes, he received it in September, but one of the foundations of FOCM is patience. His patience was being tested and he has passed. He is now entitled to all the benefits therein. (As a dues paying member, he would have even more benefits, come on Bill, it’s only $20, well he did pay for my lunch so that kinda counts, well he also paid for my brother’s lunch, so that kinda counts.  Turns out my brother has developed quite the skill of having others pay for his lunch.) Bill owns and runs Robert J. Moody Appraisers, doing real estate appraisal services.  I have known Bill for probably 45 years.  We first met at First Presbyterian Church Sunday School in Yuma, AZ.

This event took place at Burgers and Beer located at: 321 W 20th St, Yuma, AZ. Many members of the A.T. Pancrazi Real Estate Services Company were witnesses to the ceremony. A.T. Pancrazi Real Estate is the premier commercial real estate firm serving Yuma, Arizona and the desert southwest.

Bill Moody  September 26, 2014
Bill Moody
September 26, 2014

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