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So, it finally happened to me – I got tired of watching Fox News for all my TV-obtained news.  I know my mother will never do this and please don’t tell her I did, she may disown me.  I know a lot of you will say, wow, you finally got it?!  Well it seemed to be unbalanced, like the media extension of the Republican party.  So now I’m watching MSNBC at noon, sitting in for Andrea Mitchell and am surprised to see that Luke Russert is doing a great job of delivering balanced news.  He was aggressive in talking with Hillary’s spokesperson about the email issue.  I was expecting to see news about Cecil the Lion and why we shouldn’t put criminals in jail, not putting murderers to death, allowing 3rd trimester abortions and supporting Jerry Brown’s banning of the word “alien”.

I know I will go back to Fox News but I will continue with adding in news shows from other networks.

What TV network news do you watch most?

Other news sources: I get probably 1/2 my news online.  Every morning I log on to and read the news stories that way and on my Iphone I use Google News and USA Today apps.

Where do you get most of your news?

3 thoughts on “Broaden Your Media News Exposure”

  1. I’m forced to watch the network with the word “cartoon” in front of it. Equally awful! Good luck with your switch and temporary reprieve from Fox news. I’ll try not to hold it against you. Just keep in mind that Luke could be pulling a bate and switch!

  2. In the morning its NPR for me. I know cons think it is the toady for liberal causes but I think they do the best of most news services in attempting to be objective. I know this because I find myself often yelling at them for presenting positions of idiots on the right straight up without comment. their opinion programs tend to be more ideological in that sense, but the news is cold and dry. Then I read my local rag for the local coverage and a summary of the state and national and comics. At work I like reading stuff from Stratfor global intelligence, CEPR (Center for Economic Policy Research), Inter Press Service News Agency (IPS) – focuses on middle east and Asian countries, El Dia from Spain, Reforma from Mexico, Truthout for a lefty snack, and whatever links you send our way. I figure I spend 2 hours on average throughout the day consuming news. Bloomberg is also a good source for occasional extra stuff on the economy. Wall street journal and NYT on weekends, my hometown rag twice a week. I’ve even found myself interested in how FOX is reporting the GOP clown car riders including Trump, and Meagan’s stock has gone up some more after her flair-up with Trompudo. She captured my heart when she had a showdown with Karl Rove back in the 2008 election night coverage.

  3. Call me cynical, but I think all news sources have an innate bias. Consequently I regularly look at several online sources including the Wall Street Journal, The Financial News, The New York Times, MSNBC and Fox. And I hate to admit it, but since I’m an old dude I read USA Today Life section for clues to translate what my niece is talking about.

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