Is the world upside down?

File this under “Dumb is the new smart”.  Seriously, who can explain all this?

The Supreme Court approves same-sex marriage and the White House is lighted up in rainbow colors that night.  5 armed service members are shot and killed and it took 5 days for the White House to lower the American* flag to half mast!!

*American is a word which the University of New Hampshire has in it’s “micro-aggression” avoidance handbook.  Saying “American” when referring to the United States of America isn’t inclusive of people from Central and South America, so the term should be “United States citizen” or something like that.  “Obese” is to be replaced with “people of size”.  Won’t that be upsetting to people of “small size”?  We’re to call “Caucausians” “European-American individuals”.  The words “mothering” and “fathering” are verboten because speakers must “avoid gendering a non-gendered activity.”  I suppose “parenting” will be okay.  The word “black” for black people is okay, though.  So are we to stop saying: African-American?  The words “healthy” and “handicapped” are “problematic.” The currently politically-correct terms are “non-disabled” and “person who is wheelchair mobile”.  Using the words “rich” and “poor” is also wrong now. Instead of “rich,” we need to say  “person of material wealth.” Instead of “poor,” it’s “low economic status related to a person’s education, occupation and income.”“Homosexual” is “an outdated clinical term considered derogatory and offensive by many gay and lesbian people.” The taxpayer-funded school suggests “Same Gender Loving” instead.

Do you see what I mean?  What next?  “Day” will have to be called “not night”.  “Planned Parenthood” will be called “Organ Harvesting”, “dogs” will be called “non-human friends” so as not to stigmatize them with the slang term pronounced “dawg”.  Cars that use gas will be called “earth polluting devils”, homes that use gas or electricity to power appliances will be called “non-solar powered homes”, and borrowing from Hillary Clinton: “dead broke” will be the term to use when you make a cash down payment of $855,000 on one of two homes combined worth of $3.55 million.

The world is upside down.


4 thoughts on “Is the world upside down?”

  1. People are offended way too easily. Look I am a large guy, some would say fat or obese. I don’t care it doesn’t hurt my feelings one way or the other. Tell me something I don’t know, I’ve been overweight for most of my life. I once visited the emergency room for kidney stones…instead of describing me as obese or overweight in the vein of political correctness instead described me as a well nourished male.

  2. Gosh, get it right you non-pigmented person! For ‘dog’ it is ‘fur-baby’ to those who have never had children or those with an empty nest!

  3. Well nourished male!! That’s a great one! Thank you University of New Hampshire!!

    Medical people may not always have time to chart with all the descriptive words and need to use shorts words.

  4. ‘American’ does include any citizen of South and North America. USA doesn’t hold exclusive rights to the name. All the rest you can chalk up to the ever evolving lexicon. You can be left behind or you can stay with the curve of learning. Resistance is futile. It also add pain to your life where it shouldn’t be.

    Now if you are looking for something to fight about, have at it, my friend. Knock yourself out.

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