FOCM Membership – New Member

Is it possible I’m almost 10 years behind in posting membership photos??!!??   Why yes, yes, it is possible and entirely true.  But with my dogged persistence, in the end we’ll be all caught up.

Whilst (I love using this old-timey word whenever I remember to throw it in) I wish I were more caught up, sometimes its nice to see things from long ago. Remember taking your film to be developed and then waiting for the pictures to be ready.  Sometimes it would days to months since the time the photo was taken.

So here is Gracelyn McDermott pictured with her FOCM membership card which I mailed to her as I was out of them at the (I think it was) DIA 2014 and mailed it to her. Grace and I worked together at ICON for about 10 years.

Gracelyn McDermott membership

She took a photo of herself with the card so that I could post it.  I assure you that when she learned that she was getting her membership card, she was exuberantly happy and delighted. FOCM is proud to say that her career has skyrocketed ever since.  Grace is now the