May 2023 Networking Event Summary

May 17, 2023 

As our passion is to connect people and companies we know and respect to other people and companies we know and respect, we open the meeting asking everyone to put the link to their LinkedIn profile in the chat. This facilitates future communication and connections. 

Before we had our featured presenter begin, we shared industry info and upcoming events. A newish conference called: Clinical Research as a Care Option took place in Raleigh in mid-May. We mentioned that we’d be holding a networking event the night prior. It was stated that Joan Chambers would be attending. Joan recently joined Greater Gift as the CEO. Greater Gift’s mission is to increase awareness of clinical trials, especially among unrepresented communities, like women, ethnic minorities, individuals from diverse socio-economic and educational backgrounds. ds. 

At this point, we had 21 attendees and we turned over the meeting to Steve Galen, PhD with Validcare. The focus of the presentation was to talk about how not to run out of funding before you get a read on the success of your product. Validcare has the tools and technology to forward plan a trial, find potential bottlenecks and prepare for them. With so many eclinical tools available, the predictability of the cost of a trial is greatly improved. This disruptive change shakes up the traditional and archaic approach of CRO’s low-bidding a project only to begin issuing change orders shortly after the study starts.  Such an approach prevents the biotech from managing their financial spend. Steve is an experienced clinical research professional having worked at Merck, Covance, PRA, Syneos and Navitas.  

Reminder of these meetings’ guidelines: 

  • Think of this as an open house event – drop in when you can and leave when you need to; 
  • When we have a presenter we have them start when we have assembled a strong amount of respondents – usually 10-15 minutes after the start. 
  • Presenters’ topics are not sales pitches – the focus is on an aspect of clinical trials; where in the process their services are used and aspects of that step. 
  • The link to get the GLSA newsletter and notifications about future live and virtual events:
  • We ask everyone to put their LinkedIn link into the chat to facilitate connecting and future follow up. 
  • To read the April summary

Steve Galen, PhD, Validcare & the evening presenter
Ira Snyder, Consultant
Holly Jochims, Adaptive Clinical Systems
Joan Chambers, Greater Gift
Brian Langin, Diligent Pharma
Mike O’Gorman; Life Science Marketplace
Kevin Boos; Aixial Group
Amy Lee, PharmD
Michael Young, biomedwoRx
Ali Hussein, Science 37
Viljena Trask, Syneos Health
Sumitra Sheeri, S-Clinical

GLSA Attendees:

Katie Barrett
Joe Buser
Chris Matheus
Denise McNerney
Hannah Lloyd
Timmina Williams
Charity Dube
Jordan Brown
Sally Haller
Ori Geshury
Liz Mirra


September 21 2022 Networking Event Summary

The GLSA | FOCM Networking Event on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 5:00 PM EST was a fascinating presentation by Patrick McCarthy and Steve Galen of Validcare about a disruptive approach to the conduct of clinical trials. Recent advances in technology and learning to do things remotely due to COVID-19 helps make this possible. Not only is it possible, it is being done and Validcare is at the forefront.

The current clinical trial paradigm is broken. Decentralized clinical trials are proving not to be the solution. They’re merely a bolt-on expense that helps with patient access and engagement. DCTs do not reduce costs nor delays caused by inefficient data management, staffing and software systems. Validcare’s Digital 1st CRO Experience succeeds where DCTs do not. Finally we have the ability to fix the CRO Model and put an end to low-ball proposals to win the project followed by significant change orders shortly after study start-up.

Validcare’s platform puts the entire study in one cloud environment. This has been built by experienced industry insiders who knew that to fix the CRO model it had to be re-engineered from the outside. The platform has been designed on these principles:

  • Transparency
  • High performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Turn-key

As such it provides for predictable financial performance allowing for a fixed price for study conduct.

To nobody’s surprise, we couldn’t stay away from discussing the Fall conference schedule and who was intended to go to which events. It looks like a full return to in-person events with DPharm, SCDM, OCT New England, CNS Summit, MAGI West, CTS East Coast, etc.

Andrew Mulchinski stated that Symbio hasn’t fully adapted to DCT yet, sparking the post-quarantine observations of many regarding the transition to decentralized and hybrid studies.

Let’s continue to reinforce our collective goal to improve patients’ lives across the globe. If you would like to present on an educational life sciences topic and spur our event discussions, please leave a comment below and I’ll reach out as soon as possible.

Attendees (first time attendees in bold):

Julia Love, CEO, Love Contracts
Candy Dupree, National Sales Director, AdamsBridge Global
Himanshu Desai, Global Head PV QA, Novartis
Mike O’Gorman, CEO Life Science Marketplace
Mindy Bertram, Owner, CMB Consultants
Andrew Mulchinski, Business Development, Symbio Research
Wayne Whittingham, Vice President, Regulatory,  Cardio Pharma
Duncan Shaw, CEO, DTS Language Services
Katherine Cloninger, Senior Director, Brand Marketing, Parexel
Ravi Luthra, Clinical Research Coordinator

Chris Matheus
Joe Buser
Holly Cliffe
Denise McNerney
Sally Haller
Hannah Lloyd-Clark

A few screenshots are below:

Screenshot #1
Screen Shot #2
Screen Shot #3