Networking Photos from the past

The recent discovery of photos from past events continues to bring back good memories. These photos are from a September 28, 2017 Wilmington Pharma/Bio/CRO Networking Event at Johnny Luke’s Kitchen Bar, 5500 Market Street, Wilmington, NC.

This group meets monthly, usually on the last Thursday of the month, but can be changed due to travel and other interruptions. We get anywhere from 8 – 30 people attending. The event is held at different restaurants in Wilmington, allowing us to meet explore other restaurants, brew pubs and food trucks. The group is on LinkedIn and announcements of events are published there.

Abby Richmond Melville sent the photos to me.

Lee King, Ryan Manuel, Mark Aikman and myself are identifiable in the photos. That Abby sent them to me might indicate that Margaret Richmond was in attendance as well.


Lee King and Chris Matheus
Wilmington Pharma/Bio/CRO Networking

Ocean-side Networking

The July networking event for the Wilmington Pharma/Bio/CRO Networking Group was held at Dockside in Wilmington. Dockside is located on the west side of the IntraCoastal Waterway. This is the site for this group’s events in the summertime. Wilmington Pharma/Bio/CRO Networking Group can be found on LinkedIn where updates to monthly events are posted.

Fortunately someone snapped a photo at some point so that we have some record of attendance. Not that attendance is ever taken and far too often we forget to take a picture.

L-R: John Cline, Lee King, Andrea Young, Jennifer Hutchison, Jackie Bilobran, Gayle Grandinetti, Chris Smith, Chris Matheus
A view from Dockside
View from Dockside

FOCM Members at Wilmington NC Event

Here’s an interesting item about FOCM that I just realized comes from my having grown up in a small town in Arizona – if there’s a party in town – join it! You may call it crashing it, but in Yuma, AZ, if there was a wedding reception in town, regardless if you were invited, you went to it.  So in that vein, when I organize Wilmington Pharma/Bio/CRO Networking Events in Wilmington, NC, it’s an open call for all FOCM members.  While in this case they do belong to the Pharma/Bio/CRO industry, they do also belong to FOCM.

Kris Klein, John Peterson, Wendy Revenaugh, Gayle Grandinetti and Steve Simpson