Anthony Weiner Headlines – Parody

An informal and impromptu brainstorming meeting of the FOCM NC beach chapter this past weekend resulted in this list of potential news headlines or bumper stickers regarding Anthony Weiner and his campaign for NYC Mayor. Thanks to Alicia, Deb, Gayle, Keith, Mike and Wendy.
Just imagine what we could do if we put our attention to a business issue or problem.

Weiner beats all comers
Weiner beats them all
Weiner getting cocky
Weiner campaign sucks
Weiner campaign really blows
Weiner campaign explodes
Weiner coming in first
Weiner comes go grips with …
Weiner campaign has gripping announcement
Popularity of Weiner shrinking
Popularity of Weiner growing
Weiner has enormous following
Weiner penetrates electorate
Weiner thrusts forward with new strategy
Weiner prods for attention
Competition kneels before Weiner
Weiner takes a licking in the race
Weiner’s wife lends a helping hand
Weiner grinds it out
Weiner’s ahead in the race
Weiner leans left
Weiner holds head high
Competition has Weiner envy
Women want more Weiner
Weiner presents his package
Yes, Weiner is happy to see you
Weiner hangs out in local bar
Weiner denies use of performance enhanding drug
Lesbians against Weiner
Opponents say Weiner rubs them wrong
Weiner draws line in the sand
Weiner licked at the polls
You have been poked by A. Weiner
A. Weiner stands up for women
Stiffed by A. Weiner
Weiner withdraws
Weiner pulls out
Weiner withdraws prematurely
Weiner can’t keep it up
Weiner re-enters the race
Weiner comes from behind
Weiner pulls it out
Weiner comes first
Weiner slams his opponent
Weiner pops up
Weiner is starting to grow on the electorate
Weiner by a hair
Weiner hits slipperly slope
Weiner seen going in through the back door
Weiner is self-supporting
Weiner goes all in
Weiner points the way
Weiner stands at attention
Weiner salutes
Weiner is soft on crime
Weiner is on top of welfare
Women open up to Weiner
Weiner hits the spot
Weiner misfires
Weiner extends lead
Weiner grows his lead
Weiner shrivels
Hillary offers her support but Weiner’s lead shrinks
Weiner beaten handily
Weiner flogged by opponents

8 thoughts on “Anthony Weiner Headlines – Parody”

  1. You forgot:
    You can’t beat our Weiner.
    My Weiner is the best.
    Our Mayor could be a Weiner.
    Vote with your Weiner.

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