Job Finding Assistance Request

A dues-paying FOCM Network member, Carrie Gallagher has requested the assistance of the network in connecting her son, Patrick Gallagher to opportunities of employment in the Raleigh-Durham area. The strength, breadth and depth of the FOCM network to help in this endeavor is being sought out.

Patrick wants to get into the video game industry and has recently applied at Red Storm Entertainment, Boss Keys and Epic Games. For FOCM Members in the Raleigh/Durham area: does anyone know someone at these or other video game industry companies that might be willing to help Patrick get an informational interview/meeting. He’s just looking to speak with someone and knows that the rest is up to him.
Patrick has taken classes in scientific and technical visualization, game art and design, is proficient in 3DS Max and builds his own computers. He has some coding experience but isn’t certified just yet.

Patrick has worked continuously since he was 16. He is hard working, smart, and nice (his mother’s words and I have met him and agree with her). He’s done very well at every job he has held; always given more responsibility and is well liked by his colleagues. He is ready to move from a job to a career.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Patrick’s Resume